Monday, June 17, 2013

"Seize the day, and put the least possible trust in tomorrow."

I took the kids through the McDonalds drive-through this afternoon to get some ice cream...three cones and a McFlurry. I pay, then pull up to the window to wait. And wait. And wait. Finally someone comes to the window with the McFlurry, and then stands there staring at me, waiting for me to leave.
"Umm...we had three cones, too," I say.
"We're out of ice cream cones," he says.
Out of ice cream cones. Of course. Silly me. He keeps standing there.
"I already paid...?"
"Oh. Do you want sundaes, or something?" he asks. My youngest starts screeching from the back seat that he wants a chocolate dipped cone. I quickly order three more McFlurries, determined to get my  moneys worth. I pull out of the parking lot annoyed, trying to ignore my son who is still whining over the ice cream, and then I find I can't get onto the highway because a woman is sitting in the middle of the intersection for no apparent reason. When she finally made her mind up to as what she was doing, I couldn't go because the light changed and I had to sit through another red light. SIGH. Even more annoyed.

I get home and read through Facebook while I eat my ice cream. The usual inspirational quotes, pictures of people's food...buried in all that, I read that a local man was killed in a car crash, and while the name was familiar it took me a second. Then I realize that he was the son of one of the most amazing teachers my kids have ever had; the kindergarten teacher that taught my both my older children, and the teacher that I will beg for my youngest to have. The teacher that inspired me to go back to school to get a degree in early childhood education. And my heart broke. While I was annoyed over ice cream cones, a wonderful, inspiring woman had just lost her son. A family had just been torn apart and changed forever, and I was upset because I had to sit through a red light.

I can get so caught up in the little things, the annoying things that drive me nuts, all those petty things that seem to ruin a good mood. And suddenly, I'm given some perspective. As a parent, there can't possibly be anything worse than losing a child. There are no words.

All my love, sympathy and prayers go out to the family. I am so, so sorry.

"Seize the day, and put the least possible trust in tomorrow."

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Brian Miller said...

its a very humbling reminder when we lose someone we know...and i cant imagine losing a child it would devastate me..


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