Thursday, September 30, 2010

SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks and Giveaway!

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When we were given the opportunity to try out a pair of SmartKnit Kids Seamless Socks, I jumped at the chance. Free socks! Of course! These particular socks are seamless, which they claim makes them more comfortable than your average socks.

I requested them in pink, Delaney's favorite color. I decided to test them out on her, because she refuses to wear socks. Her flip flops are welded to the bottom of her feet. Every time I make her wear socks, minutes later I will undoubtedly stumble across a pile of sweaty girl socks, ditched in the middle of the floor somewhere. She hates socks and that might be fine if we lived in Florida, but Colorado's weather is not so mild and she cannot wear flip flops year round. SmartKnits sent one pink pair, sized medium and one white pair in large.

She glared at me when I showed them to her.
"I hate socks!" she hissed at me.
"I know, but look! These are pink!" I finally persuaded her to put them on and wonders of wonders...she wore them all day. All day. I'm a believer. Designed for children with sensory processing diļ¬€erences and hypersensitivity, they work equally well for kids who just don't like socks that bunch in their shoes. Maybe it was the lack of seams, the bumps or the texture, but these sock were absolutely a hit with my daughter. They are designed without a heel, so they can't be put on upside down because both sides are the same! This also keeps children from outgrowing them as quickly as they would regular socks.

I was instantly struck by how soft they were. They are made from 97.3% polyester and 2.7% lycra and are antimicrobial which helps inhibit odor-causing bacteria. And really, my kids smell bad enough. These socks are designed to wick away moisture and the form-fitting design is snug on the foot, keeping them from slipping and bunching in the child's shoes. Their patented non-binding Halo-Top keeps the sock up, without pinching or binding. After wearing them all day, she didn't have the elastic marks left on her leg like other socks leave.

I am absolutely impressed with these socks and so is my daughter. She may not get frostbite this winter after all.

They are also going to send a pair to a lucky reader! So, in the comments, tell me why you'd like a pair of these and you're automatically entered to win!

This Product Was a Free Giveaway


Susan Fobes said...

I love these socks! We got a couple pairs to try out last year and my daughter-the non sock wearer-loves them.

Willoughby said...

They sound awesome! My daughter has narrow feet so regular socks tend to bunch up in her shoes pretty badly. Please enter me!!

Kevin E said...

My daughter and one of our twin boys HATE the seams on the toes of their socks! I always have to fix them several times before they find them to be comfortable. These would be perfect for them!

Christie said...

My nephew has SPD, and getting him to wear socks (or any clothes) can be a hassle. We've found some sweat pants and tagless shirts he LOVES, but socks are another story. Oh--Gymboree sells tagless underwear, too. That's in his clothing collection.

Crystal said...

I love your blog so much I want to pass on an award to you! :)

Chicago Mom said...

What IS it with kids and socks?! My daughter absolutely HATES the seam on her toes; please enter me in this giveaway! Thanks!

Amo said...

Oooohhh, I need some new socks! Mine seem to disappear...I don't just lose one sock, I lose them both! And lately I have thrown a few away that had holes in them! Please enter me!


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