Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Charter On Demand

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don't watch a lot  of TV, simply because of the stress and commitment. Yeah, I know. That sounds weird. Stress? Commitment? But think about it...I'm the kind of person that doesn't even like to schedule play dates or appointments of any kind, because then, simply, I have to be there at a certain time, certain day and certain place. Stress. Commitment. TV is the same way...what if I like a show so much, that I have to see what happens next? Then I have to watch it the next time and the next...and before you know it, there's a standing date with the TV. A fixed time, day and place. Stress and commitment. It's too much to handle. So I just don't  watch it. Removes that possibility. I will never have to reschedule a day so I can get home to watch TV. 

Which brings us to the Charter On Demand home page where you can watch just about anything you want, anytime you want. Anytime. Like after the kids are in bed. Or when I have insomnia and am wandering the house aimlessly in the middle of the night. I don't have to watch the late night infomercials or the commercials for girls gone wild. Not only does Charter offer the latest movies, but there are literally thousands of shows and programs. There are kids channels, like Nickelodeon. Just think! Spongebob on demand! You can torture your spouse AND make the kids happy, anytime you want. There are workout videos (which I won't be watching), concerts, cooking shows and many, many more. It's a TV buffet. There is something for everyone.  There's ESPN, ABC, and USA to the Disney Channel and the Discovery Channel, all offering shows and special programming all available anytime.You can even get the Karaoke Channel and amaze all your friends with your awesome singing talents.
On Demand is one of the most popular features of Charter TV in Digital - for good reason. It's not just a movie service; but a home for thousands of shows and programs just waiting for you to discover.
You should immediately check them out. You're sure to find something.
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Karen Mortensen said...

That sounds great. I don't like to make appointments either.

Bryna said...

That's why I have a DVR. I can watch it when I want to AND without commercials. :)

Kristy said...

I know! I'm so glad I live in Tivo time! Otherwise, I'd never get to see my trashy stuff. It adds so much to my life, you know?

mudmama said...

A TV buffet, love it! I am with ya on the noncommital thing!

Brian Miller said...

if i did have a tv, this sounds really cool...

panamamama said...

Sounds cool! I am gonna check it out. We have Netflix on demand on our new TV and I like it, but they don't have everything the kids want to watch. We don't watch normal TV at all.


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