Thursday, October 1, 2009

You feeling lucky punk?

Awhile back, I was asked by Stonyfieldto do a review of their baby yogurt and meals 3 in 1. They're also sponsoring a giveaway, which will be the very first one I've done!

This is what they're offering. To enter, all I ask is that you be a follower and that you comment to this post. I'm not going to ask you to retweet or anything like that...I couldn't verify it anyway, since I can't remember who I am or what my password is over at Twitter...but anyway...Follow and/or comment and I'll draw a random winner one week from today! Got it? Good.

Now, on to the review...

I purchased all three flavors of the 3 in 1 Meal yogurts:

Pear & Green Bean
Peach & Squash
Apple & Sweet Potato

I love the concept of the veggie/fruit mix. The latter two flavors were good and my baby and my three year old enjoyed them. The first one? Not so much. Baby refused to open his mouth and my three year old spit it out. After all the fuss, I decided to try it and see. Um...yuck. No. Not good. Keep in mind though, that I am not a yogurt fan. I try to like it and I just can't.

We also got the regular vanilla and banana Yo Baby yogurts, which my kids devoured. And I feel good knowing that they aren't chock full of artifical stuff, or additives. They're pure. My one complaint would be about the texture. They are a tad runny, which makes self-feeding for a 1 year old impossible.

Otherwise, this is a pretty good product! I will be buying the regular yogurt again. However, I probably will not buy the 3 in 1 Meals. The website is a fun one as well...there are coupons, recipes and some interesting articles. Check it out!


Lille Diane said...

LOve their yogurt!! Mmmm Pumpkin Spice

Mandy said...

My 10 month old LOVES their Yo Baby yogurts!

Molly said...

Yo Baby is always a staple in our house!

I'm doing my first giveaway too! I think you'll like it so stop by!

Rianna and Eli s Mommy said...

i love yo baby products! haven't tried these new ones... but i have a feeling my kids would love them too!

Heather D. said...

I follow you Mama! This would be great, as my daughter likes to eat MY yogurt...hands off kid!! :)

Chari said...

I follow you!
We haven't tried the Yobaby, but we would LOVE to!!!

One Chic Mommy said...

I love Yobaby yogurts I have been giving them to my kiddies since forever.


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