Friday, October 9, 2009

I'll show you!

I wanted to thank all the nice people that commented and reassured me that I'm not a bad mommy...

And now I'm here to prove you wrong.

We're trying to potty train my daughter. Ha. She's been in no hurry. Until yesterday. Then she decided to wear panties. As much as I hate diapers, they're so easy compared to the frantic panic of a three year old that has to pee NOW! And so, she had to pee NOW and in my hurry to get her to the bathroom, I forget to latch the gate at the top of the stairs. And the baby tries to follow us.

He fell down them. Of course. Fortunately, there are only two. Unfortunately, they are wood stairs that lead to a wood floor. And he hit his head on the gate going down. Bump on his forehead, bump and cut on the back of his head, skinned nose. Poor baby.

Bad mommy. Good thing my husband is an Emergency Medical I call him and he reassures me that it's fine, just to watch him, etc.

(It's also a good thing that my husband is so patient with his mental patient of a wife.

...although I'd never tell him that.)

Then...get this. I drop the phone on the baby while trying to hang it up. I drop it on him. Right on his face and it hits him in the eye. He starts crying again and now his eye is swelling up.

What did the poor kid do to deserve me?

Today, however, was uneventful. There was no school today, so everyone was home, but no one was wounded, bruised, maimed...not a single bandaid was needed.

There was a lot of crying, but I think it was mostly me.


Christella said...

You're not a bad mommy. You'd be surprised how many times it has happened. I thought I was handing my son to my husband and he thought I was handing him the keys. Well, no one got the baby and he went rolling down the stairs. That baby is now 47 years old and doing very well.

leigh said...

Poor mama...I can relate. When my oldest son was 2 we were at a playground on a structure made for 5 years olds. I let go of his hand for 2 seconds and he tumbled down two sets of stairs. He was all bruised and banged up. Everywhere we went people would be like..."Oh poor baby, what happened to you?"

I would just bust out into tears every time.

It happens.


r u s s said...

You're not a bad mom at all!Ö My mom used to tell me when I was a little that it's okay to have a few bumps here and there like it helps you as a kid be more careful -- I can't explain it quite well the way my mom does. LOL.

Molly said...

hey that's not bad, that's normal! My son took a face plant when we were unpacking the kitchen right after we moved. Chipped the tooth so bad the dentist had to pull it, at age 2!!!

Susan Fobes said...

Things happen. Here's a few for you: I remembered my grandfather cupping his arms and swinging me back and forth. Unfortunately, what I didn't remember was that I was a kindergartner. I tried doing this with my year old daughter and she fell backwards onto the floor! (btw: my husband tried this on her with the same results two days before but he didn't tell me until I did it...)

Here's another: my kids know how klutzy I am, so they stay clear-because of past events- of the side I carry my purse on. I have turned quickly and boxed whoever was standing near by with my giant mommy sack. Does this make you feel better?

Janie B said...

Hey! Things happen. Unfortunately, we learn best when they do. You have learned to be more careful. You'll never forget to latch that gate again. And, you baby is learning everyday what not to do. It's all good.

Flory said...

I still don't think you're a bad mommy. If you were, you probably wouldn't feel guilty about it all. It's all about learning our lesson - right? LOL! You'll get through all this.

Oh, and I hate potty training! Mine are a little over three and there is no indication that they'll learn anytime soon. :(

Liz in Virginia said...

Excuse me, but I have been the annual winner of the Bad Mother of the Year award for the past seventeen years, so don't think you can start horning in now on my prestige. :)

Love your breezy blog!

Liz at

Amo said...

Well, I can tell you are a good mommy b/c you are so concerned about being a bad one. So don't worry. The bad ones don't fret over whether or not they are bad. My husband let our son roll off the couch when he was about 2 or 3 months old and I let him eat a piece of paper before I realized what he was doing. It's okay! We aren't perfect, but we try!

Lindsey said...

I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Kreativ Blog award on my blog.

blueviolet said...

I feel so bad but I can't help at laugh at all of this!!!!

Brittany at Mommy Words said...

I boy we all have days like this. We are lucky that are kids live at all in my opinion. I feel like toddlers are constantly risking their lives! Man hubby an EMT though - that could come in really handy at our house!

Unknown Mami said...

Nope, not a bad Mommy, just rushed and a little clumsy.

Michele said...

Awww, you poor thing. This happenes soooo often. My friend posted about it last week as well. She felt horrible.
I remember a couple of years ago Trinity fell of the chair. Split her lip. 1 stitch. I felt awful.
The following month, she fell again. Same chair. split the other side of her lip. 4 stitches. On the way home, I wasn't watching, and she pulled them all out. Turned the car around, back to the hospital, re-do the stitches.
WORST MOTHER EVER. If you look close at her pics, she has two scars on either side of her bottom lip.
Hope that makes you feel a bit better! LOL
I "heart" you!!! And I think you're an awsome MOM!!!

Clueless_Mama said...

Okay, we live close to one another, maybe I need to come help you. LOL I just finished potty training. Well, not me, my son. I know all about those NOW moments. I am glad your little one is okay and that your older is doing great on training. Don't feel bad, that's why they call them accidents. Hang in there mama

Anonymous said...

I was laughing because you are "here to prove us wrong". Haha!

All the trips and spills kids take, don't make bad mothers. I think if you were yelling at them to "man up" or not putting the bandaids on, you might be a mean mommy...but you are doing great!
Just a day in the life. I do remember those days, though, and I always felt horrible, too. We don't want our babies to hurt. Ever.
Hope you are having an uneventful, but pleasant weekend:)
Take Care,

JennyMac said...

I am so sorry...but I am laughing.
WITH you not at you. (you are laughing right?)

And I have something for you. Put on your dancing shoes and come to my Sunday Awards party.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the poor boy's having a rough couple days. If it makes you feel any better, my little guy:

a) Stood on his ride-on truck and tumbled headfirst over the steering wheel
b) Smacked his face on the edge of the coffee table
c) Fell face-first into the baby gate

...all in the last 12 hours. Sigh.


I stepped on my daughter's hand and then in the bath, lost my slippery grip on her arm and she took a nose dive and a side slam into the tub. she's one. poor babies! that's why God made them so tough!

Rianna and Eli s Mommy said...

Haha, as my husband would say "its good for em, tuffin's em up" - E has fallen down our 8 (wooden) steps many-a-time :) I'm starting to wonder if he's going to have permanent brain damage... come to think of it, he *is* calling me "daddy-mommy" now... maybe he has hit his head one too many times :D

Good luck with the potty training! It helped us to do the no-undies thing for a while while she got used to pulling them up or down, although she still has her days...

Deb Thaxton said...

-->Don't beat yourself up about it....beat the kids.
It happens to the best of us.


Nina Say said...

No worries! We have all had "bad mommy" accidents.

Twice now, my husband and I let our baby sleep with us when we went out of town.. we didnt have a portable crib with us at the time... and our daughter fell off the bed both times.

Yeah now he brings that crib everywhere!


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