Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Guest Blogger!!!

Today I have a guest blogger! Neva from Mostly Flummoxed has kindly written today's post! She has a great blog, and if you don't already, you should go read it.

So welcome Neva!

Do you have kids? Yes? Well, then answer me this, do your kids have these weird quirks? I know, silly question. Of course, everyone’s kids have them. And as a mother, we are the keepers of quirks. Those quirks that are alive and well and those that have faded away, “we are the keeper of lost” quirks (sorry I had to borrow Jewel’s line from Pulp Fiction).

So as I was fixing my girls cereal this morning, I had a flashback to a previous quirk my oldest daughter had. It was such a strong flashback that I thought, “Wait, I shouldn’t have poured the milk in her bowl!” Then I remembered, oh yea, she drinks milk now. See as a baby she nursed like a crazy person, then as a toddler she drank cows milk like it was going out of style. Then she developed some sensitivities, we thought it might be to dairy so we switched her to soy milk. Well, no it turned out it wasn’t milk but something else that was the problem. But by then she didn’t want cows milk. She said she was allergic! She refused milk. All milk. Even soy. Oh, but she would drink CHOCOLATE milk (imagine that?).
No milk on her cereal, dry please. No cheese on her sandwich, just meat. And then one day, poof! She was drinking milk again, not in great quantities mind you. But at least it wasn’t a big deal anymore.

Now my youngest, she had a period o f only wanting to eat turkey sandwiches. Morning, noon, and night. “What do you want to eat, Zo?” “Tuah-keee samitch!!” For like, a year and a half turkey. We could pass off ham and deli chicken as turkey too, thank goodness.

Now, thankfully that phase is long gone. I mean, she was starting to sprout little feathers on her elbows!

Lets see…what else? Oh, Zo is a particular dresser. It was ONLY dresses for her for a looong time. And they had to be long, like to the floor. Then it switched to jeans with embellishments. I can hardly keep up!

My oldest, B, likes mismatched socks. Do NOT, I repeat, do not give her a pair of matched socks. She even prefers one short and one long. Hey, it makes my mornings easier, most days I just grab two socks and chuck ‘em at her.

And for those of you who have nursed a baby into toddler hood…did you have a child that preferred one side over another? My B would get angry if I suggested she nurse on my left at certain times of the day.

“Whoa! Hey kid, THESE are mine! Get it?” (Of course, I only said that in my head, if I said it out loud it might anger the baby, and you do NOT want to anger the baby!)

And how about the time that my baby would only allow us to change her diaper while she stood up! Come on Moms, give me a show of hands…How many of you can change a diaper on a standing, wiggling, poop covered ba by? Right on! Put that on your resume one day.

We have also had the I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER. I love pickles. I love and only love my princess nightgown/day dress. I love my Easter high-heeled sparkly shoes. I love my bathing suit and wear it all day. I only want non-spicy, pink toothpaste, then I only want baking soda toothpaste. All lovely quirks in their own right.

So what kind of kid quirks do you have to deal with?

Neva at Mostly Flummoxed

Thanks again Neva! You'll have to come back soon!


Charisse and Holly said...

Thanks for showing us a great new gal to follow. I'm headed over there now. Great post. Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

Mom of Three said...

Two of my favourite girls. :-)

Moms really have to learn to be negotiators and counselors and have infinite amounts of patience, don't we! Even if you didn't have 'em before, you learn 'em - sink or swim!

This one I have never ever seen anywhere - my daughter fights sleep hard. Hard. Like she's missing out. If she's lying down she'll rock her head from side to side to try and wake herself up. Sometimes it works. Most times she will drift off in between, then try again, and eventually drift off to sleepyland. But that's not the worst - she will stand while nursing to fight off sleep.

She will try to slip down to the floor, making me bend over to try to scramble and get her back into my lap. She will stand in my lap and throw an arm up, waving it like she's dancing, or lift a leg like a ballerina. She is just a trip. My mom keeps threatening to get in on film. :-)

!!The Obnoxious SAHM!! said...

I love finding new awesome reads. Very cool! GONNA have to stalk her now.

Neva said...

Thanks for the love! And can't wait to post Girl with Flour in her Hair on my blog...Yippee!

Neva said...

Oooh, I had a present waiting in my In Box- Posted is Peeling An Orange's blog on www.geeneva.blogspot.com

Kimi said...

One of my boys won't eat cereal with milk on it either. Weirdos :)

Veronica Lee said...

That was awesome!! I'm her follower !!

Flory said...

Last month my little girl was eating pasta, broccoli, and tilapia. She ended with an allergic reaction and off to the emergency room. She had eaten all these things before. Anyway, now when I give her broccoli, she won't eat it because "it will make her (me)go to the hospital". Slick girl. :)

Susan Fobes said...

My son doesn't like hot dogs any more and wants only peanut butter and jelly. And my daughter doesn't like the jelly, so only peanut butter for her. And please don't put the syrup on the pancakes-it goes on the side... Ah yes, these lists could go on, and on, and...

blueviolet said...

Great guest post! Some call it quirky, some call it picky, some call it PITA! ;)

Unknown Mami said...

Mine is only just beginning to develop quirks.

jenie said...

haha now i'll go treasuring my Anya's quirks. i have yet to collect them since i have 4 short years yet...though im telling you, it's starting!

their not as funny as yours though, the 2 diff socks was a wacko! LOL! we're into dresses 2 months back..and now finally we're done with it ONLY she doesnt wanna wear any other than her panties. well, with a top mind you and just when at home.

up until now she's into CRISPY CHICKEN SKIN. yeano, cholesterol! and i am a dietitian grrrr.

and she play this "mansion" game every single day...like that of a doll house but with me fixing it up for her. small books as walls to her tiny princesses. and she wants it big, almost the size of our family room!!!

yet again, you made my day! nice post! will go check on our new friend, neva. thanks to you!

leigh said...

Thanks for introducing me to a new great Blog.

BTW...There is an award waiting for Peeling an Orange with a Screwdriver over at my bliggidy blog. Come on over and get it!


JennyMac said...

Love the guest blogger!

Twincerely,Olga said...


Michele said...

What an awsome post... heading over to her site right now.
Trinity is the queen of quirks.
- only eats the crust of the bread.
- no matching socks as well.
- no lumps in her jam sandwiches
- apples MUST have yogurt to dip them in
- apple juice MUST have ice cubes

The list is endless, and painful... LOL


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