Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Last week I was invited to participate in a conference call with Katherine Dieckmann, the writer/director of "Motherhood", starring Uma Thurman, Minnie Driver and Anthony Edwards. It is due out in select theatres in October.

Quite honestly, Dieckmann has my dream job. I've always been more interested in the writing/directing aspect of movie making. I can direct. I direct every day.

"No! The toys do not go under the sofa cusions! Try it again, but this time, put them in the toy box!"

"Whoa! Stop! Stop! What was that about? If you can't stop maybe you go to your room and take a few minutes to regroup."

"No! You don't need to do it like that! Try less toilet paper and maybe the toilet will flush."

See? I got the directing thing down. But writing is where my heart lies. And that's why I blog. Like every other person in the blogosphere, I have a novel half written, but am unable to dedicate much time to it, due to the time constraints children cause. You know, that whole "taking care of them" thing. But blogging gives me an creative outlet and a support system. Chances are, whatever I decide to write about, no matter how isolated I feel, there will be someone, somewhere that can relate. Blogging saves my life.

Thurman's character is a "mommy blogger."

So already, many of us can relate. And that's what struck me most about the conference call. Of all the interesting topics that were touched on, one thing stuck with me.

It doesn't matter if you're a movie star, a city living director/writer, or a stay at home mom living in a small farming town in Colorado: we are all mommies and with that title comes the universal trials and tribulations, the joys and contentment, the anger and resentment. It that sense, we are all the same. And at one point or another, we all lose ourselves in the process.

Dieckmann summed it up well.

"You're surrendering your pysche to another person."

I love this quote. It's so true.

You suddenly look down and realize that the t-shirt you're wearing has snot smears on it from your sick baby, and there is some unidentifiable brown substance on your jeans. You look at the toy strewn living room and think, "What the hell happened?"

You used to be a person. Now, you're a maid (and not the cute kind in the little lacy outift), you're a short order cook, you wipe bottoms, sniff diapers, forget to eat because you're so busy being "mommy". But just because you're "mommy" doesn't mean you get a pass from everything else that needs to be done in the real world. There is still work to be done, check books to balance, bills to pay, a spouse to form some semblance of a relationship with. It's no wonder we lose ourselves. We can't even keep track of ourselves anymore. "Wait! There she goes she's...oh, no that wasn't her. There! By the mailbox! Oh, she's gone again! Follow that SUV!"

"Even a movie star like Uma Thurman had that kind of experience...waking up seven years later saying, what? Who am I? Where am I? What?" Dieckmann said, stating one of the reasons Thurman was drawn to the movie.

Apparently, it's a universal emotion, something mommy's everywhere have to get dragged through. Maybe we should take comfort in the fact that at least we are not alone. We have each other! And thankfully, finally someone wrote a movie about it. About us.

I am anxiously awaiting the release of this movie. I really think it's one I'll enjoy. But until then, check out the trailer!

Any thoughts?


Neva said...

Love it. Can't wait to see it...something seems oddly familiar. Oh wait, I'm living it! Thanks for posting the trailer.

Susan Fobes said...

I like the fact that the collective "we" are all in this together, and I can't wait until this movie comes out.

Janie B said...

This is the first I've heard of this movie. It looks terrific...and a bit sad. Why is motherhood so hard today?

One Chic Mommy said...

I had not heard of this movie,looks good. I can definitely relate to it, as I was watching the trailer I could hardly hear it due to running screaming kids in the background.... ahhh motherhood!

Unknown Mami said...

Fantastic post! I really want to see it now. I would love to play a "Mommy Blogger" in a movie.

Unknown Mami said...

Fantastic post! I really want to see it now. I would love to play a "Mommy Blogger" in a movie.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the rest of you all, but the brown substance on my jeans is coffee. Not only do I never get to finish a cup, I never manage to avoid slopping a fair amount of it all over myself. It might help if I ever got to sit down while drinking it...anyway, the coffee failures don't stop me from trying. Any fragment of caffeine that makes it into my bloodstream is worth the effort...

The movie looks funny, and this was a great post!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

I just was asked to "friend" MOTHERHOOD movie on facebook....DID IT....and followed a link to you!

Just favorited you!

Loved your post!
Hope I get the call, too!

How cool!

Sandy said...

You are famous! I am so happy to have found out about your creative outlets. You are a modern day Wonder Woman! I hope hope hope this movie makes it to Japan.

Loukia said...

I am so looking forward to seeing this movie! I'm sure it's going to be excellent... and something we can all relate to!

Elizabeth said...

I wish I had gotten to see this film. It came to one theater here for a week and I missed it :(

That's very neat that you were involved though!


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