Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dog Fight

Unfortunately, today I had to witness something that I really wish I hadn't seen. Or that my son had to see it. I learned a bit about his coping skills. Which, well, probably aren't healthy.

Nick was outside and I could hear the neighbors dog barking and screeching, and someone yelling. I went out to see what was going on, because our dog was going nuts. Nick was standing on the top of his slide looking into the neighbors backyard with this terrified expression on his face. I looked over the fence to see the neighbor's husky mauling a tiny yellow dog, my neighbor holding her baby, screaming at her dog, crying. I grabbed my Swiffer. (Yes. My Swiffer.) And I went next door to see what I could do to help.

Which wasn't much.

I tried to fend off the dog with my cleaning implement and a lawn chair, while my neighbor tried to rescue the other dog. We failed and the Husky got ahold of her again. There is a reason they say to never interfere with dog fights...that dog was terrifying. I have never been looked at by a dog like that before. We made eye contact while I was trying to keep it away from the injured animal and it made a little fake lunge at me. Terrified me. I'll probably have nightmares. Eventually, a male neighbor down the road jumped the fence and helped us get the Husky in it's kennel. I took the baby and my neighbor picked up the tiny dog, which was now...well, I'll spare you, suffice to say it was no longer moving, in a towel.

Turns out the neighbor's dogs on the other side got out a gate and slipped through the fence into the Husky's yard.

I baby sat the baby while my neighbor got ahold of the dog's owner and took the little thing to the vet. I have yet to hear whether or not they had to put the dog down, but I imagine they did. She wasn't in good shape. It was an ugly experience and I wish my son hadn't seen it. Everytime I mention it, he covers his ears. When I was telling my husband about it, Nick covered his ears and hid. I'm afraid it might be a long night, nightmare wise, for him. It can't be good to hold stuff in like's going to be expressed in unhealthy ways. He's completely blocking it out, acting like it never happened. I'm not sure what I should do. Leave it alone? Wait until he brings it up? Any suggestions?


Staci said...

Wow, that's so awful! I can't even imagine.

If it was me, I would talk to my little one about it. Talk about the fact that it's okay to be sad, angry, scared. Ask him what he thinks, what he feels.

It had to be terrifying, and it's probably best to try to get him to talk about it so it doesn't come out other ways.

Good luck!

Clueless_Mama said...

That is a horrible story. I can't even imagine having to watch something like that. I agree with Staci. Talk about it. He had to be so scared!!

Neva said...

Oh my. I can't imagine. What a horrible scene. You are brave to try to help, I am sure your adrenaline was really pumping.

That one girl said...

Oh man, that sticks! Do you guys have a dog? Will it cause fear of dogs? Well, I guess you can discuss the fact that animals ARE animals no matter how domesticated they are. Teach him that though he thinks they may be the nicest thing, you still have to take caution?

Unknown Mami said...

That is so upsetting. I'm so sorry you both had to see that.

You could just bring it up by telling him how it made you feel and see if he wants to share, but maybe it's to soon and too raw for him.

Susan Fobes said...

Oh, my. I not sure what to write. I'm actually in shock about all of that, and this is probably what's going on with your son. Kids deal with stuff differently (my daughter internalizes and my son acts out). I know one thing, you can't force someone, no matter how little, to talk about something. Maybe give him some time and then get him alone-car rides are really good for getting stuff out of my daughter (less confrontational), so this might work for you too.

Good luck tonight...

Mom of Three said...

I am so sorry you had to go through that. I had a kinda sorta similar experience. My son ended up in the ER. You can read about it here but I think you should talk to him about it. A lot. And not always in obvious ways, but just allowing him the opportunity to really tell you what he's thinking/feeling. And reassure him. If he needs it, it may help to have a therapist talk to him as well.

Kacey R. said...

Oh man. I hate that you, your son, your neighbors had to experience that! So scary! I hope your night went well and your son is OK. If it were me, I would talk to him about it - by asking simple questions and telling him how you felt. I also think little ones are resilient - sometimes even more so than we are.

Little Miss Muffins Cakes! said... poor poor people! What an awful thing to have experienced! What happened to the husky?


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