Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why I Love My Husband, Part II

I noticed that last Sunday was titled "Why I Love my Husband" and this morning my husband once again did something worthy of effusive praise. So I've decided that every Sunday that will be the theme of my post. That way I don't feel so bad moaning and whining and complaining about him the other 6 days of the week.

And so, in rhyme:

Oh, husband, I thank thee
For taking our three kids
(And extra diapers, lest they pee).

Once again to the grocery store
For lunch stuff and juice boxes
Knowing the children will beg for more.

You have work to do, I know
But with a car load of children
On you go to Home Depot

To buy that extra part
And install the ceiling fan
That refuses to start

All so I can leave
The house for just one day

And go on a hike with my brother.

Ok, ok so I lost steam there, but poetic or not, I was extremely grateful. And that is why I love that man.

And now it's sharing time...give one reason you love your significant other. Ryhme not required.

P.S. Technically, I know it is no longer Sunday but because I was trekking through the wilderness yesterday, I was unable to post. So, humor me and let's all pretend that it's Sunday. Thank you.


GiraffeGal213 said...

Love this! We do have to focus on the positives (at least sometimes!) don't we?

I love my husband because after he knocked me off my bike (accidently) when we were on our "date" bike ride he was very kind and loving to me. And then he bought me a hot fudge milkshake! LOL Oh and he stopped with me along the way home to watch the deer along the river for like ten minutes with mosquitoes swarming all over!

One Chic Mommy said...

I love this theme! I love my husband because he allows me to be a spoiled brat. He gives me everything I want and even helps take care of the kids. I really couldn't have asked for a better husband!


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