Monday, August 10, 2009

Ok, forget the duct tape. How 'bout some Benadryl?

Ok...Nick, my oldest, will not stay in his bed at night. Refuses. He always sneaks into our room and manages to wedge himself in between us. For awhile, we had his bed in our daughter’s room, thinking that maybe if he wasn’t alone, he’d stay in his own bed. It worked most of the time. So, I painted his room and moved him back into it. I put a tent over his bed and the whole bit. He was excited about the paint and the tent and actually spent two whole nights in his room. (Which I am now attributing to the Benadryl we had given him due to an allergic reaction.) But now he is back in our room. At his last doctor’s appointment, I asked for suggestions and the Dr. recommended time out every time he gets up and comes to our room. Preferably somewhere he doesn’t want to be. In the doctor’s case, the first offense earns his children a time-out in the bathroom and the second offense is the garage. I’m not comfortable locking my child in the dark garage, so I thought I’d try and use the living room. Nick hates coming downstairs at night without someone with him. So, he got out of bed tonight and came into our room, so I took him downstairs in the dark, made him sit down and set the timer. Then I came upstairs. Quite honestly, I didn’t expect him to stay down there the entire 4 minutes, but the timer went off and
when I came back downstairs, I find him quite comfortable on the sofa, with my favorite chenille blanket pulled up to his neck.

“I think I’ll sleep down here,” he says.


So the child will sleep in the dark living room, on a separate floor than the rest of us, but will not sleep in his well lit, comfortable bedroom, right next door to our room?

What is that?

Is it wrong to give your child Benadryl every night? How about whiskey? Is that ok?

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