Friday, August 28, 2009

Grace Under Pressure

I woke up (late) to a beautiful day. The birds are chirping.

The sun is shining.

So I load the kids up in and stroller, strap Nick to his backpack and we head to the school bus stop. I was chatting up the neighbors, talking to one about the dance class I've signed Delaney up for, talking to another couple about their new house. I was charming and witty. I was friendly and sympathetic, all the things you'd like in a neighbor. I've never been one for small-talk and I walked away feeling rather smug in my bus stop chatter performance.

Then I happen to glance down at my jeans.

And my zipper is down.



Michelle said...

It's always something isn't it. Funny on this side of the computer but I'm sure it wasn't quite so funny from your side.

Anonymous said...

Ok, now I know another thing to check for when I go make bus-stop small talk. I was just going to check my nose for boogers. Your post is a true public service

Janie said...

Why does that kind of thing always happen? Could've been worse!

One Chic Mommy said...

There's always just a little something lingering to botch your good moods!
When they occur you just gotta laugh and remember it happens to everyone.
Love the way you wrote the story, I felt like I was there with you.

Amo said...

Aaaahhh, that is funny! Probably not to you, though. I've had that happen to me many times!! Always humiliating. Maybe the stroller blocked anyone's view of your zipper!? Maybe?

Veronica Lee said...

I once wore my shirt inside out!! And that zipper thing, it has happened before too.

Mamasaun said...

Haha! I love you, you are my new hero. I have days like this, usually its in the grocery store. lol

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Thanks for the's good to know I'm not alone! ;)

Of course, it could always be worse. Like the time I came home from a date, when I was still living with my parents, with my shirt inside out. I sat down with them to talk and my dad, of course, had to be the one to notice. Ahh...yeah. I'll go with the zipper anyday! ;)


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