Monday, August 10, 2009

The Educational Value of Books

My five year old learned to ride his bike without training wheels today! It took about three turns with me holding onto his bike before he took off down the road. Turning and staying upright is still a bit tricky and stopping has yet to be mastered. He tried the always effective "slam-into-the-side-of-the-house" method, but there has got to be an easier way. I suggested brakes. He's still unsure. But we will get there. I feel bad that I've waited until the end of summer to help him with it. We've been outside more these past few weeks than we had the entire summer. The kids would play out back but I wouldn't go out with them. They can't play out front without a grown-up, so they were never able to go out there. I guess that's one area I can see the medication working. I actually feel like doing things; things as simple as going outside with my kids used to take more out of me than I had, but now it's something I initiate. Playing with my kids isn't the torture I once thought it was...who knew?

And my one year old is walking. Sort of. 5 steps is the record so far.

My soon-to-be-three year old keeps making sure that I know how well she can walk. And ride her tricycle. I think I need to make a point to make some extra time just for her. Some one on one girl time. We can do each others hair.

And in other news...this morning my two oldest came across a (dusty) book under my bed. Take a guess at the contents...yep. Sex. Explicit sex pictures. And they bring it downstairs, open to a nice detailed shot of a couple indulging in oral sex. The kids were giggling.

"Mommy! Why's this mommy licking that guy's penis?" asked my sweet innocent daughter.
"What are they doing?" asked my sweet innocent son.
"Um,, where did you get this?" I ask.
"Under the bed."
"What are you doing in my room?" I take the book and go upstairs with it. Conversation is forgotten. Thank God.

It's almost as bad as the time they found my vibrator and began chasing each other around with it.

I think I need new hiding places.


Anonymous said...

I just had a flash back from many years ago.
My mom came over for coffee and, oops! there is the outer wrapper to my brand new purple... toy, left out on the table. She picks it up, blond woman with giant(GIANT) fake ones staring right out at her.

"Heh, heh. Birthday present." I say. "...More coffee?"

Sunday said...

Oh this brings back memories!
I remember Sam rifling through my closet and coming out with my vibrator which he promptly brought downstairs where he used it as a drumstick right in front of his speech therapist. I was MORTIFIED! I remember looking at her and saying, 'Well, it is the electrical-age you know!?


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