Monday, August 24, 2009

All Grown Up

"Nick, I love you! Have a good day!" I call, waving desperately. "Nick?"

He doesn't even turn around. My kindergartner is boarding the bus, on his very first day of school and he doesn't even turn around to wave at his mommy.


I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that I'm blowing kisses and snapping pictures of him through the bus window while all the older kids stare at me like I'm some kind of dangerous animal.

Nah. Couldn't be that.

I have to meet his bus in an hour and I'm so anxious to see how his first day went. He couldn't sleep last night, or eat his breakfast this morning because he was so excited. And maybe a bit nervous. He kept asking me things like:

"What if i can't find my locker?"
"I can't remember where my class is!"
"What if I can't remember when to get off the bus?"
"Do you think I can play outside?"

I assured him that there would be teachers and bus drivers to help, but I could still see the gears turning around and around in his little head.

I so hope his first day went well. I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. God, kids are nerve wracking.


Rianna and Eli s Mommy said...

awww... i'd be doing the same thing!!! Rianna is almost 4, so we still have 2 school years (this and next) before kindergarden! She starts preschool on the 22nd of Sept. though, yikes!!!

Tart N Candle Addict said...

AAWWW please update this blog with how his first day went!! What a cutie pie!! I remember those days, if only I could take my kids back to a younger age. See you on MBC!

Momma Such said...

Awww...he looks so handsome on his first day of school! I can't wait to hear how his day went. I bet he had a blast! My boys (kindergartner and 4th grader) start tomorrow. I'm nervous too, but I know it will be fine. :)

Amo said...

He looks excited!! I don't remember ever being that excited about school...What a cutie!

Staci said...

He does look so excited! I hope the first day went well & that he's excited to go back. (And that mommy's nerves are feeling better too!)

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

He had a great day! From what I can tell anyway...he won't really talk about it.

"What did you do?"
"Who did you sit by?"
"Someone I don't know."
"Did you have fun?"

And I thought I had until the teenage years before he became so vague. :)

One Chic Mommy said...

What a cutie pie! It's a wonderful thing when they can be so confident in themselves to start something new without you and not hesitate or be frightful. That's when you know you've done a good job!

That one girl said...

He is sooo precious!!!

God, I'm going to bawl when my son goes to school. He is not allowed to grow up.

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Thanks One Chic Mommy! Sometimes I feel like a complete parenting failure, so it's always nice to hear the nice things!

That one girl...It's so hard letting go! I still can't believe he's that old. He's my oldest. I can't imagine how hard it will be when it's my baby getting on that bus.


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